The Frozen Forests of Ferenahl

A glimmer of hope..

And a promise of riches.

With the promise of being compensated for their efforts, the adventurers agreed to make the trek to Ferenahl to investigate the odd weather occurrences and provide additional provisions. Armed with tools of their preferred method of combat and a large number of resources for Ferenahl, they began their journey. The journey would take 5 days, however the cold weather proved to be an exhausting task for Drex and Korremar on their final day of travel. Upon their arrival, they were first met by Garrant Danamark, Captain of the town guard. While relieved to see help had arrived, he wasted no time explaining the importance of the task before the adventurers and directed them towards Mayor Marrin Thanor. Marrin is a kind and considerate man wanting only to ensure the safety and health his citizens.

As the party probed him for more information that could lead them to the cause of never-ending winter, Marrin identified the name of a group of mages called ‘The Sleepers” that practiced dangerous, dark, and unsupported forms of magic. At one point this group of mages had asked to join the “Crimson Cloaks”, the magen guild and academy in Ferenahl, but neither the academy nor the mayor himself would allow such a group to conduct research in Ferenahl. The Sleepers were asked to leave the city and never return and since their absence, they have not been heard from again.

The adventurers reached out to different branches of the city, even venturing as far as the Undercity of Ferenahl for additional information. With different pieces of what could be a larger puzzle found, but no concise answer provided, their next course of action appeared to be unclear. Should they explore the Undercity once more for additional information? Is there a cave nearby that could hold secrets to what is occurring? Maybe the tome found could unlock secrets on where the party should adventure next? With the first day in Ferenahl coming to a close and their bodies exhausted, they turn in for the night, deciding to sleep on the information and come to a conclusion in the morning.



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