“Sometimes the worst decision is to simply to do nothing at all.”

The citizens of Ferenahl find themselves trapped within their own city gates. With few provisions, the town of Ferenahl finds itself at the mercy of the unkind elements of nature. However this wintry blight may not be as natural as it seems.

It has been nearly 8 months since winter began and the adverse weather conditions are beginning to take its toll on the surrounding lands. There is no game to hunt, crops do not grow, and the occasional blizzard prevents most if not all trading caravans from entering and exiting the city. Many scouting parties have gone out in search of something to hunt, but most of them have returned with fewer numbers than they left with. To survive, the citizens have begun rationing food but as the food supply dwindles so does the hope of all citizens of Ferenahl that things will improve. As a last resort, Mayor Marrin Thanor has requested aid using the only reliable form of communication they currently have: Snow Owls. Such an owl has found its way to your comrades and your friend and guild master, Adovar Avlis.

Upon reading the contents of the letter, Adovar tasks you with making the journey to Ferenahl to aid the citizens and investigate the odd wether occurrences. You decide that your heart, your sense of duty, your need to battle the elements, or even the promise of riches is enough to persuade you to heed the request. After some quick preparations, you make your journey to Ferenahl, albeit unsure of exactly what awaits you in these frozen lands.

The Frozen Forests of Ferenahl